Supplements can be extremely beneficial for your dog or cat. They may be used to augment and improve a regular diet, and may also help to improve digestive problems, suppressed appetite, allergies, itchiness, anxiety and more.


CBD oil is becoming incredibly popular for both humans and pets – and with good reason. Dog owners are finding that it can help with a wide variety of health issues including anxiety, pain, digestive problems, and skin conditions. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound that is sourced from hemp. Hemp has extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what produces the psychoactive effects, and much higher levels of CBD, the substance that provides the therapeutic effects. CBD will not get your dog “high” and is completely safe. However, a big problem with the popularity of CBD oil is that it is not very well regulated. This makes it extremely confusing for consumers who are looking to purchase a quality CBD oil that is above all safe, but also effective, and isn’t a complete waste of money.

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Food enhancement products are generally not necessary if feeding a raw diet. But for those feeding dry kibble, it’s a good idea to supplement their food in order to boost the nutrition; make sure they are getting all the vitamins, minerals, essential fats, enzymes, and other trace elements from 100% natural food sources; and encourage picky eaters. Bone broth is a “superfood” - packed with vitamins and minerals that provide some impressive health benefits for your dog or cat. It can help with many digestive issues and is perfect for sick dogs to help them recover. It comes frozen or in powder form.


Raw goat’s milk is the perfect addition to your dog or cat’s regular food and they LOVE IT. Packed with probiotics, along with vital nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and electrolytes, many consider it to be the ultimate complete, natural food source. We get our goat’s milk from a local goat farm, and also from several different companies. Raw goat’s milk resolves most digestive issues, reduces symptoms of joint pain and arthritis, alleviates allergies and itching, and encourages healthy weight gain and nourishment. Read More


Probiotics are live enzymes, yeasts, and microorganisms - including the healthy, "good" bacteria - that is needed to promote the normal, healthy function of the GI tract and therefore, the immune system. When an imbalance occurs, the "bad" bacteria take over and your dog will often develop problems in his GI tract first, followed eventually by other health conditions. Probiotics are especially valuable if the normal intestinal balance is out of whack by antibiotics, poor diet, dietary change, or inflammation. Probiotics may also help with skin issues, allergies, diarrhea, excessive gas and excessive shedding. Read More.

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