About Nilla's Tub


We are passionate about the health of people, animals, and our planet, which we feel are all inter-connected. Nilla’s Tub is a space for like-minded, conscientious pet owners.

We believe your pets—and all animals—deserve the very best!


Karley, Scruffy, Ginger, and Guicci


Founder Kendra Duquette opened Nilla’s Tub in December 2014 as a solution to her struggle to bathe her three dogs—two large, energetic pups and a senior dogs with hip troubles—at home in her bathroom. She knew other dog owners would have the same issues bathing their pets at home, so Nilla’s Tub was born.

She wanted the business to also bring awareness to abandoned and abused animals and help increase foster and adoption rates. She felt strongly that adopting pets saves lives.


We expanded beyond DIY dog washing when groomer Sally Krostal asked if Kendra wanted to take over her pet health food store, Urban Carnivore. Sally believed in the benefits of feeding dogs fresh foods over processed foods and served pet owners between Chicago and St. Louis as the only resource at the time. Her products fit well with our Nilla’s Tub philosophy, so the store became what it is today—incorporating a non-toxic environment through both products and food for overall health and well-being. To this day, we proudly carry many brands you can’t find anywhere else in town.

Current store owner Karley Eash was one of Nilla’s Tub’s first customers and continues the Nilla’s Tub vision since taking the reins in 2017. Karley is so passionate about providing the best care to her pups, that she jokes her dogs eat better than she does!


At Nilla’s Tub, we’re committed to supporting organizations who care for and work to find forever homes for homeless dogs. We want to save pets, one paw at a time.

Supporting Paws 4 A Cause is one way that we help the pets in our community find loving homes. We hold regular walk-in nail trims, or “pawdicure” days, and donate a portion of the proceeds to a Paws 4 A Cause fund that helps people keep their pets home and safe through adoption, colors, and microchip clinics. To connect with Paws 4 A Cause, follow them on Facebook.

We also promote adoptions from our local rescues and provide “Spaw Days” for the dogs at McLean County Animal Control.

Rescue and adoption organizations in McLean County include:

Central Illinois Small Animal Rescue

Humane Society of Central Illinois

McLean County Animal Control  

Wishbone Canine Rescue

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