CBD for pets: Miracle Cure or Newest Fad? 

The market has been flooded with CBD products for both humans and pets.  CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound that is sourced from hemp.  Hemp is not the same as marijuana. Hemp has extremely low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what produces the psychoactive effects, and much higher levels of CBD, the substance that provides the therapeutic effects. There are hundreds of new pet CBD companies floating around, social media is full of inaccurate information, sellers are often pushing questionable products, and there is very little regulation around the pet supplement industry. 

So, is CBD oil for dogs & cats a complete waste of money that may have unwanted side effects; or is it a safe, natural supplement that might be very helpful for addressing some of your pup’s health issues? 

First of all, CBD is not a miracle cure.  Despite claims that CBD can remedy almost any health condition – from cancer, to allergies, to seizures – there’s currently not a lot of research available to back up these claims. However, here is what we do know based on observational studies and limited research. 

  • CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help with joint issues. Many people notice a remarkable improvement in mobility after giving CBD to a dog who has signs of joint pain.
  • CBD promotes a sense of calm and often helps with anxiety.
  • CBD reduces the frequency and severity of seizures. This is perhaps the most studied aspect of CBD, not just in pets but also in humans.
  • CBD shows promise in other areas as well - such as allergies, digestive problems, and skin conditions - but more research is needed.

If you’d like to try CBD for your pet, it’s crucial to choose a high-quality brand.  A low-quality CBD product may contain too much THC; may contain less CBD than what’s listed on the label; or may use a chemical extraction method that leaves toxic traces in the final product.  Here are eight things to look for that will ensure you are getting a high-quality CBD product. 

  1. USDA Organic Certification

Hemp is an amazing plant because it actually cleans the soil by absorbing heavy metals and toxins. In fact, hemp was used to remediate the soil after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Any toxins in the soil will be sucked up into the plant, and then these toxins will become even more concentrated when the CBD is extracted.  A company can claim to be organic and may say something like “organically grown”, but very few companies have the USDA Organic Certifications on both the hemp and the handlers. 

  1. National Animal Supplement Council seal

The NASC seal means that a company has an audited quality control process in place. Companies with an NASC seal must comply with stringent labeling guidelines for all products and all forms of labeling and must submit to random product testing by an independent lab. 

  1. Full-Spectrum

Full-spectrum means that the whole hemp plant was used to make the CBD product.  This is important because CBD is just one of the many other cannabinoids in the hemp plant.  These all work together to have a better result than just one of them alone.  If a product says THC-free or zero THC, then it isn’t full-spectrum.  A very small percentage of THC is actually necessary for CBD to be effective. 

  1. Non-solvent extraction method

The very best extraction method utilizes Terpex™ technology, which is 100% natural; yields the highest levels of CBD;  and is done without the use of heat, synthetic chemicals, or toxic solvents.  This continuous processing occurs at the site of harvest, allowing for wet raw material extraction rather than extracting from hemp that is less fresh.  

  1. Find out where the hemp was grown

It’s important that the manufacturer has complete control of the source.  Stay away from any company with unverifiable sources and be sure to carefully question a company that is based in one state, yet gets their hemp from some place across the country.  

  1. Ask for a certificate of analysis (COA)

Reputable companies will have a certificate of analysis on their website, which will show exactly how much CBD is in their product. Be sure that the company uses independent 3rd party testing.  

If you’re looking for a natural and safe way to improve your dog’s health, CBD could be a good fit. It may be a good alternative to medication that’s producing unwanted side effects. Or it could be a good option to help your dog relax and be more balanced. Although CBD is extremely safe, it’s always best to consult with your veterinarian. 

Pet Releaf Brand CBD oil is the brand we recommend and carry at Nilla’s Tub.  It not only meets all of the above requirements, but it offers a money-back guarantee – if you try it and don’t see any improvement, return it for a full refund.