Do you know how many carbohydrates are in your bag of kibble?

Most pet parents don’t because the pet food manufacturer doesn’t really want you to know. Therefore, they don’t list it on the label. A very important figure to know, seeing the pet obesity rate is soaring over 60%; carbohydrates break down into sugar; cancer needs glucose to thrive; and roughly 1 in 2 pets has cancer.  Dogs and cats do not have a nutritional need for carbohydrates, perhaps that is why it isn't even included in the AAFCO requirements for a food to be "complete and balanced".  

Here's how to figure it out:  Look at the guaranteed analysis and subtract the amount of protein, fat, moisture and ash from 100%. The carbohydrate percentage is what is left over. The ash content of food isn’t usually listed, but you can use 8% as a general guide. You don’t need to subtract the fiber listed. 

Protein + Fat + Moisture + Ash, then subtract from 100 = Carbohydrates