Say NO to Rawhide 

One of the most popular treats for dogs are rawhide chews.  While dogs generally love rawhide and these chews can last a long time, they pose many dangers.  Rawhide is the inner layer of skin or hide of an animal, typically a cow.  The process of separating the inner and outer layers requires some very harsh chemicals. It’s easy to swallow a piece which can get stuck in their stomach or intestine. It is not considered a food item and is therefore not covered by any labeling, processing or content laws. It’s best to avoid rawhide all together.  

Here are 7 great alternatives to rawhide chews.  

1.           Bully sticks – 100% all-natural chews from free range, grass fed bulls. Bully sticks are completely digestible, dogs love the taste, and the texture is ideal for safe chewing and dental cleaning. Bully sticks come in different lengths, thicknesses, and shapes and are suitable for dogs of any size as well as older dogs.  

2.           Buffalo horn – A very long lasting, durable chew.  They come solid or marrow filled. 

3.           Elk & Deer Antlers – Very tough, long lasting and rich in nutrients.  They do not smell and will not stain carpet or furniture. 

4.           Himalayan Yak Chews – These have loads of flavor and are best suited for tough chewers. Yak chews will provide plenty of abrasion to remove bacteria from their teeth, but aren’t good for puppies, seniors, and dogs with dental issues because there is a risk that they could damage their teeth.  

5.           Raw marrow bones – these can be a bit messy, so best to use them outside or on a surface that can be easily cleaned.  Match the size of bone to the size of your dog.  

6.            No-Hide® chews – long lasting, come in different sizes, made with 7 natural ingredients, and easily digestible.  

7.           Duck & chicken necks are great for smaller dogs 

7.           Toy stuffed with treats.  Quizl from West Paw is one of our favorites 

No chew is without risk. No matter the type, any chew that is not properly chewed, is swallowed whole or is not the appropriate size for your pet can be a choking hazard. Always feed chews in moderation and never leave your dog unattended with a chew. When selecting a size for your dog, you can never go too big, but it’s dangerously easy to feed a chew that is too small.  As with all dog food and treats, the sourcing is very important.  Cheap bully sticks will likely contain dangerous chemicals and cheap elk horns may splinter or break.